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Hand Saws.

C.K and Avit Hand Saws - Plasterboard Saws

So, now we have learnt about the different types of hand saws it is time to have a look at what is available in the C.K and Avit ranges. We will be looking at: 

C.K Plasterboard saw

The C.K plasterboard saw (see image above) has 6PPI with a very wide gullet to allow fast cutting and the efficient removal of dust.

The tooth format is hardpoint cross cut - specially designed to cut on the push stroke, leaving the pull stroke free to clear the substantial plaster dust created.


C.K Sabretooth plasterboard saw

The C.K Sabretooth plasterboard saw features a rigid 1.5 blade which is manufactured from premium grade SK5 alloy steel. 


The teeth are triple ground “turbo cut” for fast and effective cutting while the dual component, cushioned grip handle is ergonomically designed and features anti-slip horns for ultimate comfort and control.

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