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Hand Saws.


Traditionally handles were made from wood and attached to the blade with screws. Whilst comfortable, they were expensive and could swell and split if they got wet - not perfect.

With the introduction of plastic moulding and the creation of virtually unbreakable materials it was an obvious development to use these modern materials for saw handles.

An additional benefit was that it was also possible to mould directly onto the saw blade, making a permanent and safehandle-to-blade joint.

Subsequent developments in moulding technology have allowed softer rubber grip components to be molded directly into the handle, improving grip, comfort and safety for the user - all features of the C.K Sabretooth™ saw.

Another convenient feature of the Sabretooth™ saw handle is the inclusion of 45 and 90 degree angles (see the photograph on the right). These angles allow the back of the saw to be used for marking.

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