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Power Tool Accessories.


So you want to make a hole or cut a shape, simple on the face of it, but how big? In what? How accurate should it be? Does it need to be clean? One hole or hundreds? …….. This really is a boring module!


By the end of it you’ll have all the answers, plus know some interesting stuff about:


  • Different drill bit types

  • How they are made and what the parts are called

  • Jigsaw blades and their uses

  • Holesaws

  • The range of different power tool accessories available from Carl Kammerling International


Screwdriver bits, which are often considered to be power tool accessories, are featured in our screwdriver module.


To help you, the menu on the right allows you to jump to any part of the module at any time, perfect for finding specific details or refreshing your memory.

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