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Hand Saws. 

Different Types of Saws

Now that we've picked up our essential terminology, looked at the different types of teeth and understood how much difference a handle can make it's time to look at the saws themselves.

In the following pages you'll find out about:

Saws for cutting wood:

Saws for cutting metal:

Plasterboard saw

Plasterboard saws

The plasterboard saw is also known by a couple of other names: the 'dry wall saw' and the 'jab saw' each of which points to its intended use: cutting shapes in plasterboard. This is typically done to create holes for electrical switches.

The 6" pointed triangular blade is ideal for pushing through the plasterboard and begin to cut without having to drill a pilot hole first.

When working in thin cavities faced with plasterboard just the tip can be used to cut out the shape needed.

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