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Hand Saws. 

Different Types of Saws

Panel saws

Panel saw - so called because it is ideal for long, straight cutting of panel meterials such as plyboard, hardboard, laminates etc. 


The panel saw is the most common form of handsaw. It is used throughout the world on every type of job involving the cutting of wood and wood composites. Of all saw types these are the most used and are an essential part of any tool kit.

First fix

'First fix' refers to the stage of construction when the fabric of a building is put up, so there will be a lot of joist and general framing work done. The finish of the cut will not be seen once all the cladding and floorboards etc have been put into place - so what is needed is speed.

 A first fix saw will therefore have fewer TPI (remember earlier where we talked about getting rid of the sawdust faster with a bigger gullet?).

Second Fix

The 'second fix' is the stage when the doors, door frames, worktops, units, skirtings and various other trimmings will be added to the building. This requires fine clean cuts because all the work will be visible.

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