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Electrician's module

Course overview

The Electrician's course has been tailored to contain information specific to the electrical trade, including important information regarding the correct use, safety and efficiency regarding the range of Carl Kammerling  electrical tools.



Upon completion of the course, you will receive a digital certificate of completion, which is useful for highlighting your knowledge to potential employers and professional industries.

Prove you’re job ready by being CK tools certified.



There are no course requirements for any Productwise course, they’re free and help improve the knowledge of all future tool users.

This course in particular has been designed to cater to electrical apprentices, it includes vital information that they need to kick off their professional career.

Learning outcomes

Understand and identify the core set of electricians tools

At the end of the course, you should be confident in knowing that whatever tool you find in a general electricians tool bag, you will not only be able to tell what it is, but exactly how to use it.

Learn about the importance and development of key hand tools that electricians use

Its easy to know how tools are used, but what's not so easy is knowing the importance and that how it has been done historically is slower and a lot more difficult to perform!

Explore exciting new tools that you will possibly be using in the future

Every tool has its purpose, and at times you might be doing something and thinking that this could be made a lot easier, there’s usually a tool for that. In this course we will possibly highlight a range of tools that will be useful for the future of an electrical apprentice

Understand the importance of safety and how hand tools are made electrically safe

The core standards that surround insulated tools are vast and difficult to understand this course will break this all down into understandable chunks, that will make you more confident in knowing the tools you’re using are safe to use around live wires.


Examine key benefits that CK tools provide to the electrical industry

This course will also introduce you to the range of benefits that CK tool’s range of electrical hand tools have. With informative videos and infographics that highlight how they improve and speed up the work of an electrician.

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