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In order to understand the following sections on the different types of saw teeth and saw types we need to be familiar with a bit of common terminology first:

Tooth Pitch - The difference between TPI and PPI


Setting - Why does it matter how wide saw blade cuts?


Hardpoint saws - What are hardpoint type saws?

General Terminology - Some basic terms to get you started....

Hand Saw.

Common terminology

Tooth pitch

'Tooth pitch' is the number of Teeth Per Inch (TPI) on the cutting edge. TPI are measured from the outside base of each tooth. PPI or Points Per Inch are measured from the top of the teeth points, giving a higher total than TPI. A general rule is that there is one more PPI than TPI.

The higher the number of teeth there are per inch, the more finely the saw will cut. A saw for cutting rough timber may only have 7 TPI, where as a saw for cutting picture frames would have 12TPI.

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