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Most hammers have a very simple looking construction - a forged steel head which is securely fastened to either a wooden, fibreglass or steel shaft.

But, there are hammers and there are HAMMERS.

Since a hammer's main role is to hit things and the potential for disaster is high, we need to be absolutely certain that:

  • The materials are strong enough not to break or shatter

  • The head of the hammer will stay on the shaft

  • It's comfortable to use and has a good grip

In this module we'll look now at how we achieve these aims by examining:

  • The parts of a hammer and how they are treated in order to make them fit for purpose

  • The different types of hammer and their uses

  • The different hammers in the C.K Tools and Avit ranges

To help you, the menu on the right allows you to jump to any part of the module at any time, perfect for finding specific details or refreshing your memory.

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