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Hand Saws. 

C.K and Avit Hand Saws - Junior Hacksaws

C.K Junior Hacksaw

Although the design looks fairly basic (see below), notice that the ends of the blades don't stick out past the frame. Less well thought out competitor models do have this problem and it can cause cuts.

The spring frame automatically tensions the blade for good cutting performance.

C.K Mini Saw

The C.K mini saw is designed to help with cutting metal in restricted spaces and is ideal for flush cutting. It has a die-cast aluminium handle and a screw clamp to enable quick blade fitting.

Avit Mini Hacksaw

The Avit mini hacksaw features a light and strong cast aluminium frame and a comfortable handle with a soft rubber grip.

The blade is tensioned with a screw and the blade holders can be repositioned to change the blade angle. Six different cutting angles are available at 60 degree intervals.

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