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Hand Saws. 

C.K and Avit Hand Saws - Hacksaws

The C.K Quick Change Hacksaw

The C.K quick change hacksaw fits the bill nicely and offers a number of valuable features such as:

  • Comfortable rubber grips

  • Quick release blade change

  • 45 and 90 degree blade positions

And you can even put spare blades in the frame!

The blades offered with this saw are called Bi-metal, so called because the hard teeth are welded to a tough, flexible alloy back - this makes the blade flexible and unlike 'all hard' blades, not brittle and dangerous.

The blade supplied has 24TPI and is normally fitted to cut on the push stroke.

Avit Hacksaw

The Avit hacksaw features:

  • A comfortable soft rubber grip

  • Strong rectangular frame

  • Easy blade change

  • 45 degree blade position option

The Avit hacksaw blade is a 24TPI standard all-hard blade,

which is again normally fitted to cut on the push stroke.

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