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Watering Systems.

Connectors and Fittings

The C.K hose connectors allow hose pipes to be quickly joined, attached or removed from taps and accessories.

Before we look at the options available, it’s important to understand how the joint mechanism works and how the pipe joins to the connectors.

To connect the two parts, it is a simple matter to just push them together until they click. To disconnect them again, the collar on the female connector (on the left) is pulled back which releases the locking mechanism.

When they are clicked together, the black 'O' ring makes a very effective watertight seal.

Securing the hose to the connector is also very straight forward. All that's needed is to assemble the hose and fitting as shown here.

Once the assembly is tightened up, you have a secure, watertight connection.

You may have noticed that the connectors are made of metal. It is in fact solid brass which has advantages over commonly seen plastic connectors, such as:

  • Brass whilst being rust proof, is stable in Ultra Violet light, plastic can deteriorate and go brittle

  • Brass is much tougher and can withstand a lot of damage without breaking

  • Brass is much more resistant to damage from extremes of temperature

The connector mechanism is the same size no matter what size of hose pipe is being used. This means that all the accessories will fit either ½” or ¾” hose pipe systems.

But before we get to accessories, we will have a look at each of the connectors to see how flexible the C.K water systems range can be.

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