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Watering Systems.

Connectors and Fittings

Hose connectors

The C.K range of hose connectors:

Male hose connector

If you do want to add another length of pipe to the system, this is the part that mates with the hose end connector.

Automatic water stop

With a standard hose end connector the water will continue to run out of the pipe when the connection is broken (unless the tap has been turned off first).

The automatic water stop seals the hose when the connection is broken. This makes it ideal for the end of a hosepipe because it’s possible to change between accessories without having to turn off the water or risk getting wet.

Hose end connector

This is probably the most important component. It is used to connect the hose to a tap, another length of hose or an accessory such as a spray gun.

Full hose connector

This is simply an assembly of a hose end connector and a male hose connector, sold as a kit for convenience (only available for ½” pipe).

Double male connector

Simply a connector used for joining two hose end connectors, ideal for hose extensions.

Three way male connector

This connector is designed for splitting one hose into two, so for instance a ¾” feed hose could be split into two ½” branches.

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