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Watering Systems.

Hose Pipes

Multi-Flex hose pipe

C.K Multi-Flex hose pipes are high quality ½” bore pipes ideal for general outdoor use.

They are available in 15, 30 and 50m lengths and are made from triple layered PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) which is a flexible thermoplastic polymer. The PVC is UV (Ultra Violet) stable, which basically means sunlight won't make it go hard and brittle

The flexible inner layer is reinforced with a polyester mesh for extra strength and resistance to twisting and stretching. The outer PVC layer is harder and consequently more resistant to abrasion for a longer life.

The pipe has a burst pressure of 28 Bar – more than adequate when you consider that household mains water pressure is no more than 4 Bar.

Pro-Flex hose pipe 

C.K Pro-Flex hose pipes are top quality ½” and ¾” bore pipes ideal for the professional user.​

The ½” bore version is available in 15, 30, 50 and 75m lengths and the ¾” in 15, 30 and 50m lengths.

Again they are made from UV stable, triple layered reinforced PVC, but it is thicker than on the Multi-Flex hose. This gives more flexibility at low temperatures and a higher burst pressure of 35 Bar.

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