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Watering Systems.


Now that we've got the hose connected to the tap, lets have a look at the range of watering systems accessories available from C.K:

Spray nozzle

Made from Brass to make it strong and damage resistant, this spray nozzle is fully adjustable from 'off' through various levels of spray to hard jet.

Spray gun

The spray gun has a number of features that make life easier:

  • The main body of the gun is made from Brass and die cast zinc to make it strong and damage resistant

  • The comfortable handle is rubber jacketed to insulate the hand from cold water flow

  • The on/off trigger is lockable in the on position

  • The spray adjustment runs from fine spray through to hard jet

  • The insulated adjustment ring around the nozzle makes setting the spray simple

If this gun is frozen with water still in it, it will destroy the internal seals. It is recommended that the gun is disconnected from the hose and emptied if there is any risk of freezing.

Spray nozzle
Spray gun

Rose Spray

Specially designed for watering delicate plants, the rose spray head diffuses water through hundreds of small holes to provide a gentle spray pattern.

Rose spray

Being lightweight with a 900mm long reach arm and a comfortable soft grip makes this an easy to use spray for most plant watering jobs.

At the end of the handle is an on/off switch, which means that you only get water where you want it.

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