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Watering Systems.


Pulse jet lawn sprinkler

A sprinkler that will give up to a huge 450 square metres of coverage, that’s a 7m radius with water delivered at a minimum pressure of 1.2 Bar.

It can be set to give a full or part circle pulse jet watering and is adjustable to suit the available water pressure/force of jet required. The spray can be adjusted up or down and also to fan out.

Oscillating lawn sprinkler

Oscillating? It means moving back and forth in a repeated motion.

This sprinkler does more than just that, giving up to 200 square meter coverage (at 5 Bar), the sprinkler can be adjusted to spray all over, to the right, to the left or straight up.

Its Aluminium spray arm has 16 jets and is fed through an integral filter, the whole mechanism is housed in a sturdy plastic body.

The pulse head screws on the end of a 300mm extension. This all then screws on top of a ground spike. The hose attaches to the ground spike with a hose end connector.


Its self lubricating and is made from corrosion resistant materials – so it’s pretty maintenance free really.

Oscillating lawn sprinkler
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