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Watering Systems.

Connectors and Fittings

Tap connectors

This is a typical external tap with an external connection thread.

They usually come as shown, with a hose adapter already screwed onto the end.

The C.K threaded tap adapter replaces this fitting, making it ready for connection to a hose end connector.

Taps come in different sizes – ½", 5/8" and ¾" and the adapters need to be selected accordingly.

For added flexibility we have a two way threaded tap connector in the range:

This allows two hoses to be run from one tap, with the added advantage of being able to turn off either of the branches. The adapter is only available in ¾" because a high water flow rate is required to service two hoses at once.

The rubber sleeve is tightened up on the tap outlet using the screw clip (often called a Jubilee clip). For the most secure joint, it is best if both the outside of the tap and the inside of the rubber sleeve are dried before the clip is tightened.

Because this type of tap connector relies on friction to hold it on to the tap outlet, it isn't suitable for use with high water pressures. If it is, there is a risk that the seal will leak or the connector will be forced off the tap completely.

The small connector deals with taps having an outlet diameter of between 10 to 20mm, the large connector cover diameters of between 20 to 30mm.

It may well be that there isn't an outside tap with a threaded outlet, in this case there could be a need to connect to a normal smooth tap.


This is where the smooth tap connector has a role to play:

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