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Watering Systems.

Connectors and Fittings

Other fittings

Hose repairer

There's no need to buy a new hose if it gets damaged, simply cut the damaged area out of the pipe and rejoin the pipe using the hose repairer – quickly and inexpensively. Repairers are available for both ½" and ¾" hose pipes

Internal thread adaptor

Some hose pipe accessories (non C.K of course) may have fittings that are not compatible with the C.K system.

The internal thread adapter can be used to replace such fittings and make them compatible. They are available in ½” and ¾” versions.

Having now seen how all the pipe fittings can be used to assemble simple or quite complex hose systems, its time to take a look at the accessories that can be fitted to the end of the hose pipe.

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