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Premium Tool Storage.

Wearable Tool Storage


Nail Pouch

Builder's Tool Pouch

Why specifically for a builder? Well, firstly it is made from durable polyester to protect it from damage in what can be demanding conditions.

There are 9 storage pockets and tool holder straps making it ideal for holding a multitude of different tools and fixings. The main pockets have rigid rims which makes it easy to get your hand and tools in.

The front pocket is a nail pouch, specially constructed so that nails and screws won't get stuck in the seams.

Inside, there is a specially reinforced internal knife pocket that prevents the blade from cutting the pouch material and keeps the user safe.

The swivelling hammer loop allows the hammer to move out of the way, but remain securely held, when bending or climbing. What's really neat with this pouch is that the hammer loop can be located on either side of the bag for left or right handed use.

The side not used automatically offers a tape hook.

The pouch can be used on a belt, however it is provided with a carrying handle to allow it be used separately.

Nail Pouch

Where a lot of nails or fixings are needed to be carried, there is a separate nail pouch that can be added to the belt.


This also has a seamless inner to stop nails and screws getting stuck.


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