Premium Tool Storage.

History and Development

Carrying and storing tools and equipment is far from a new idea. Examples such as quivers for arrows and belts for carrying knives can be seen dating back thousands of years.

The need to protect valuable tools is obvious, particularly when livelihoods depend on them.

Perhaps the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about carrying and storing tools is a toolbox.


Originally made from wood, they are now typically made either from steel or plastic. Most recently, advances in materials have lead to the development of even lighter and more portable Polyester textile bags and tool holders.


But toolboxes and even bags are not always ideal; they can be heavy, they don’t always make it easy to get your hands on the tools needed and of course you may have put the toolbox down and move to working in a different location.

What is clear is that having the tools to hand makes working more efficient and convenient. Having them actually on your person offers the best results. It is this factor that has lead to the development of wearable tool storage systems.

C.K Magma combines optimal functionality with creative style to deliver a range of premium quality products that are truly smarter by design. Developed in collaboration with an extensive panel of cross trade professionals, C.K Magma products are designed to get the job done in style.

Built to survive the rigours of every day work, C.K Magma products provide all the functionality, comfort and protection trade professionals need.

So let’s take a look at the range now, starting with products for carrying and storing tools.

Smarter by design

C.K are the trusted choice of trade professionals and have been at the forefront of hand tool manufacturing for over 100 years. C.K Magma, C.K’s range of premium tool storage, are manufactured from heavyweight polyester for exceptional durability and are truly smarter by design. Reinforced pocket stitching teamed with tougher heavy-duty zips ensure C.K Magma works even harder, keeping tools secure and easily accessible.

Developed in collaboration with an extensive panel of cross trade professionals, C.K Magma storage solutions are engineered to offer leading performance, durability, accuracy and strength, all of which are key requirements for professional results. What else would you expect from C.K?

So if your customers want the best, it’s got to be C.K Magma – if they want anything less, every other bag, case and tool belt in the world will do.

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