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Tool Storage.

Fabric Tool Storage

Now we're going to look at the different ways you can carry tools around using the C.K tool systems range:

Tech Case Plus

MA2630 - Technician's Tool Case

The C.K Magma Technician’s Tool Case is an award winning bag designed to offer protection for tools, manuals and sensitive electronic equipment.

The two outer sides, when unzipped, drop down to reveal tools and equipment. There is a wide selection of pouches, straps and pockets in which tools and equipment can be stored.

The central compartment is padded and has a zipped document pocket. It is ideal for laptop computers, test and diagnostic equipment and documentation.

Features include: 

  • 50 pockets and holders including fold out panels for easy tool access

  • Padded handle and shoulder strap for maximum comfort

  • Padded central compartment protects a laptop or other sensitive equipment

  • Internal document pocket.


Tech Tool Case

MA2632 - Technician's Tool Case Plus

After creating the Technician's Tool Case we developed the Technician's Tool Case Plus.

This version offers the added feature of a durable waterproof base made with rubber rather than plastic so it won't crack.

Tough heavy duty zips and nylon double stitched reinforced seams make this an extremely tough and durable option.


It's ideal for anyone working in outdoor, dirty environments such as heating and ventilating engineers, lift engineers, commercial electricians, factory maintenance engineers etc.

MA2639 - Technician's Tool Case Max

Next up in the tool case range is the Technician's Tool Case Max.

Benefiting from 35% greater capacity than MA2630 and MA2632, the Technician's Tool Case Max features a wide central compartment with a removable and adjustable divider allowing test equipment and larger tools to be kept safely. Extra deep square pockets provide easy tool access and restraining straps for the side panels allow easy access to the tools and avoids tripping hazards. 


MA2640 - Pro Tool Case Plus

Last, but by no means least, for this page is the Pro Tool Case Plus!

This tool case may be compact but its wide variety of vertical storage options (over 60 pockets and holders) and dual side access offers easy access to your tools and allows perfect organisation of your tool bag. 

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