Premium Tool Storage.

Wearable Tool Storage

Now that we've looked at the more conventional options for carrying tools we're going to look at the newer option of wearing your tools:


Padded Belts

The first and most obvious way is to have a tool belt onto which tool holders of various descriptions can be hung (more on these later).

The C.K Magma Padded Belt has been carefully constructed with an extra wide contoured shape for maximum comfort and support. In fact, a major UK electrical contractor nominated it as the most comfortable in use.

The belt will fit waist sizes 32" to 52" and features a tough, heavy-duty construction incorporating metal eyelets for long-life performance. The inside of the belt padding has a breathable lining to keep things cool.

The 4 metal loops on the top are for attaching it to the braces which we will come to in a bit.

But what is the metal clip on a chain for?


This is a neat solution for preventing the belt pulling through the padding loops when the belt is fully loaded with tools – very convenient when the belt is being put on or taken off, but sometimes something smaller will fit the bill when fewer tools and fixings are needed to be carried. This is where the Compact Padded Belt comes in - great value for money, tough and well padded.


OK, so we now have choice of stylish and comfortable belts, time now to look at what can be attached to them.

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