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Premium Tool Storage.

Wearable Tool Storage

Drill Holster

Virtually every trade person will frequently use a cordless drill so it makes a great deal of sense to have it to hand, along with its accessories.

Dropping a cordless drill will almost certainly cause damage to the drill of some sort, and since they are heavily relied on a broken drill is a major inconvenience and additional cost.

The C.K Magma Drill Holster is therefore the ideal solution.

The holster is padded to protect both the drill and the wearer. It has a Velcro strap to make sure the drill stays in place.


Across the front of the holster there is a pocket and elasticated straps for holding drill bits and screwdriver bits.


Essential Tool Pouch

Ideal for taking a few essential tools to the job, this belt mounting tool pouch features 4 pockets and holders.


Like all of the C.K Magma range, it is made from durable polyester for strength and durability.

On the rear of the pouch is a strong, steel metal clip. This keeps it securely on the belt and is convenient for fitting or removal.

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