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Screwdriver Bits

What's the difference between screwdrivers and screwdriver bits?


As we've seen, screwdrivers classically have a handle and a blade with a particular tip type. They are purely designed for driving screws by hand.

Screwdriver bits are simply short hexagonal shafts with a particular tip type, used with other tools to drive screws, either by hand or powered.


For hand driving, screwdriver bits can be used in conjunction with a special type of screwdriver that allows different tip types to be quickly swapped. Great if you encounter a whole range of screw types frequently.

This type of screwdriver is snappily called a 'Bit holder/Driver' and has a magnetised docking system for the bit, to hold it in place (see image below).

Where screwdriver bits really come into their own is where lots and lots of screws need to be driven home (or undone).

They can then be used with a power tool (usually a cordless drill driver) to quickly and repeatedly drive screws. This method is much faster and less tiring than using a screwdriver with the added benefit that a worn bit can be replaced quickly and relatively cheaply.

It's even faster if the bit is held in a drive adapter - the bit can be changed and replaced without having to undo the chuck. This type of drive adapter holds the bit in place with a magnet.

With this type of drive adapter, there is a risk that the bit could be left stuck in the screw head, which can be irritating. To make sure this can not happen, we offer a quick lock drive adapter. This positively locks the bit in place.

Can it get any better? Well, yes. C.K offer a range of magnetic bit holders that not only keep the bit in place, but magnetically holds the screw on to the bit - great for fast, repetitive screw driving.

The set up for these is quite simple, just insert the bit and pop a screw onto the end of it.


The next step is to screw the magnetic collar up until it's just touching the screw head and lock it with the locking collar.

This holds the screw head very effectively and makes it very easy to aim and start driving screws.

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