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Power Tool Accessories.

Wood Drill Bits

Brad point bit (Lip and spur drill or dowelling bit)

The brad point bit is a variation of the twist drill which is optimized for drilling in wood.

The brad point prevents wander – it simply pushes into the wood at exactly the centre of the hole making accurate positioning of holes very easy.

The cutting edges of the drill are specially ground to have the outside corner of the cutting edges leading (the lip). This is so that it cuts through the fibres of the wood on the outside edge of the hole first. This makes the hole clean and splinter free.

Many people use a metal twist drill for wood, however the action of this type of drill tends to drag the wood fibres out at the edges – this leaves a splintered and messy hole.

Brad point bits are also very effective in soft plastic.


The C.K range is available in sizes 3 to 16mm.

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