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Power Tool Accessories.

Wood Drill Bits

Splintered holes can be a problem - they could snag cables being pulled through for instance. So to help reduce splintering (in much the same way as with brad point bits) the C.K flat bit blade is provided with two spurs to cut through the wood fibres before the main blade planes through the bottom of the hole.


They also have a brad point for accurately locating the centre of the hole.


Since flat bits have small shank diameters relative to their boring diameters, the shanks have hexagonal flats to prevent them slipping in the drill chuck.

Flat bit (Spade bit or Paddle bit)

Spade bits are used for rough hole cutting in wood and are typically used where the holes can not subsequently be seen, for instance through floor joists.

In addition to this the shanks have a recess machined into the hex drive – this is a quick-lock docking facility that can be used with products like the C.K bit extension drive or the C.K Quick-lock direct drive adapter. It allows different bits to be used without first having to undo the chuck.

C.K Flat bits are available in sizes ranging from 6 to 38mm in lengths of 160mm, and 12 to 32mm in lengths of 400mm.

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