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Jigsaw Blades

Jigsaws are also a tool that every tradesperson owns, great for cutting shapes and odd shaped holes, they are fast and convenient. To an extent though, their performance relies heavily on the standard of Jigsaw blade they fit into it.


Like all saws, the cutting performance relies on how the teeth are configured, it is generally important to pick the right blade for the job in hand, but not always!

There are 11 different blades in the C.K range, so let’s take a look at what each one is for.


For cutting hard and soft wood, laminated sheet, Plywood, chipboard, fibreboard, and plastic we have 7 different blades – these offer a range of different cutting characteristics.


For extraordinarily fast cutting in relatively straight lines the T0865X blade is perfect, it has teeth cut much like the Sabretooth saw and cuts on both the up and down stroke, theoretically cutting twice as fast. It leaves a good clean cut finish.


The alternate to the T0865X is the T0865L blade – this is an aggressive tooth profile that cuts on the up stroke (this means you don’t have to use much force to hold the jigsaw down on the work piece). The finish it leaves is OK but probably not what you would want to be visible.


Where you would want a cut edge to be extra clean, the T0865P blade is just the job, still a fast cutter this blade leaves a very neat edge.


The fine tooth pitch T0865C blade offers the ultimate in neat edges.


The T0865B is made from chrome vanadium steel and is used for fast, rough cuts in hardwoods, softwoods and plastic. 


All the above blades can cut in gentle curves, but where the curves are tight it requires the T0865T blade. What is special about this blade is that it has teeth on both sides of the blade to allow the blade to get round very tight corners indeed.


Cutting laminated wood such as Worktops can be a tricky business with any blade that cuts on the up stroke – it can lift and chip the laminate as it pulls up through it.

The answer is the T0865R which cuts only on the down stroke, this leaves a clean cut on the top of the laminate. The only down side is that the jigsaw needs to be held firmly down to stop it pushing up against the cut.


The C.K T0865Y provides the ideal answer, fully able to cut through a wide range of Steel, Aluminium, and non ferrous materials such as Copper.


The T0865A is ideal for straight cuts in metals, non ferrous metals, sheet metal and aluminium and is suited for thinner metals. 


The T0865H can be used for straight cuts in thicker metals, non ferrous metals and aluminium. 

But wouldn’t it be good if there was one blade that could be used on anything? It would certainly save continuously changing blades for different materials and finding the right one.


Well the good news is there is one – the C.K T0865W model is a universal blade that can be used on all Woods, Plastic, Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel. It is also a long blade so can cut through timber up to 100mm thick.

What machines will they fit? The bayonet ends on the C.K jigsaw blades are designed to fit the following manufacturers Jigsaws (there are more but not as well known):

AEG, Bosch, DeWalt, Elu, Festo, Hitachi, Milwaukee, Holzher, Makita, Metabo, Skil.

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