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Premium Tool Storage.

Wearable Tool Storage

Electrician's Tool Pouch

Why is this pouch specifically for an electrician? It is made from durable polyester to protect it from damage and the pockets have rigid rims for easy access.

Because the nature of electrical installation work demands different tools and equipment, the pockets and clips are different to the Builder's Tool Pouch, which will be discussed next.

There are more pockets to offer storage for screws, cable clips, pliers, screwdrivers and wire stripping equipment. In fact, there are 16 pockets and tool holder straps.

Most electricians are likely to use a knife of some description, so there is a specially reinforced internal knife pocket that prevents the blade from cutting the pouch material and keeps the user safe.

A nice touch is the 'T' bar on a chain - this is for holding rolls of insulation tape.


The swivelling hammer loop allows the hammer to move out of the way, but remain securely held, when bending or climbing. What's really neat with this pouch is that the hammer loop can be located on either side of the bag for left or right handed use.

The side which is not used automatically offers a tape hook.

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