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Tool Storage.

Fabric Tool Storage - Rucksacks

This bag is also designed to offer protection for tools, manuals and sensitive electronic equipment.

When the bag is unzipped, two tool storage panels can be folded out for easy tool access. The centre section is padded and has straps to safely secure a laptop computer.

On the outside, the Technician's Rucksack has a meter pocket and a mobile phone pocket.


Additional features include:

  • Mobile phone holder

  • Internal and external document pockets

  • 31 pockets and holders including fold out panels for easy tool access.

MA2631 - Technician's Rucksack

The Technician’s Rucksack is a product for trades people on the move – particularly those that often have to climb to reach the job, for example, lift engineers.

Recent health and safety legislation has had an impact on carrying tools. It is recommended that when climbing a ladder, three points of contact need to be kept with the ladder at all times – this effectively prevents carrying a toolbox and the Technician’s Rucksack offers the ideal solution.

MA2635 - Technician's Rucksack Plus 

In the same way as we developed the Technician's Tool Case and following extensive end user research, we developed the Technician's Rucksack Plus .

With a different design concept to the Technician's Rucksack, this rucksack presents all the tools vertically for easy tool access.

Tough, heavy duty zips and Nylon double stitched reinforced seams along with a 100% waterproof and crack-proof polymer base make this an extremely tough and durable option.

Additional features include:

  • Extra padding at the back and reinforced shoulder straps for comfort and strength

  • 39 pockets and holders including space in the base for larger tools

  • Padded front storage pocket for sensitive equipment, tablets and A4 notepads

Take a look at the video below to see all the features and benefits of the Technician's Rucksack Plus. 

MA2654 - Wheeled Rucksack

The latest addition to the C.K Magma range is the Wheeled Rucksack. Based on the vertical storage design concept of the MA2635, the wheeled rucksack also features a rugged and durable chassis for all terrain use with a telescopic handle. Whilst being wheeled, the straps can be neatly and safely stored in the padding and when the bag is being carried a wheel cover can be used to protect clothing from dirt on the wheels. 


Additional features include:

  • Extra comfort padding with storable shoulder straps

  • Vertical storage pockets for easy tool access

  • 39 pockets and holders with space in the base for larger tools

  • Padded front storage pocket for iPad / Notepad

  • Water and crack-proof polymer base

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