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Tool Storage.

Fabric Tool Storage - Test Equipment Cases

During the initial diagnostic test and final certification test phases a technician will need a test meter and a limited tool kit.


However, most cases which are supplied with test meters are only large enough for the meter and its accessories so a full tool case will be taken as well which is large, heavy and most of the tools are unnecessary for the work.

The Test Equipment Case is an innovative product which provides the perfect solution! It features a padded compartment which can be adjusted using the protective divider to safely store a wide range of test equipment and accessories. The case also has 27 pockets and holders for all the tools needed for the work as well as a convenient see-through document/instruction manual holder.

Additional features include:

  • Padded shoulder strap for maximum comfort

  • Protective feet on the base for durability

  • Lockable zip system for extra security


In addition to the features and benefits above, the new Test Equipment Case Plus also boasts a 100% waterproof and crack-proof polymer base and an integrated trolley strap so that it can be transported safely on top of our wheeled cases. 

MA2641-mount-back copy.jpg
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