Premium Tool Storage.

Carrying Tools

  • Durable, reinforced polyester construction with an extra wide opening mouth for easy access (14" for the Maxi, 11" for the Mini)

  • A 100% waterproof and crack proof rubber base

  • Padded handle and shoulder strap for maximum comfort

  • Long handles for carrying the bag whilst open

The bags also have an internal storage area with additional pockets and holders, the Mini bag has 19 pockets while the Maxi bag has 22.

Maxi and Mini Bags

The C.K Magma tool bag range offers tough and convenient storage in two sizes, Maxi and Mini, to suit larger or smaller tool kits. Basically the only difference between each of the bags is the size.

Both of the bags feature:

Bag                  Width (mm)                   Depth (mm)                           Height (mm)

Maxi                      550                                 330                                         300

Mini                       420                                 280                                         280

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