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This is a process where molten brass is used to join two or more close-fitting parts (much like soldering).

The best process for making this joint is called vacuum brazing, this offers extremely clean, superior, flux-free braze joints of high integrity and strength.


All C.K Tungsten Carbide tipped drills are vacuum brazed – the opposite is an example of a non vacuum brazed tip and you can clearly see the difference in the joint quality.

Hand brace

This is a cranked handle hand tool, used to turn drills and Augers, they have now been almost totally replaced with electric powered drills.

OK – enough of terminology now, time to take a look at the ranges of C.K Drill bits.

Power Tool Accessories.

Drill Terminology

Jobber drills

A term used to infer the length of twist drills for metal. For absolute clarity the best way of defining a drill size is to use the format:


Drill diameter by working length (X) by overall length (Y),  for example 10x100x160mm.

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