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Systems and Suites

Keyed Alike

Keyed alike suites are the answer to the heavy pocket problem we mentioned earlier. These are padlocks from the same size and range that are made deliberately to have the same bitting - one key opens all the padlocks in the suite.


Keyed alike padlocks are available in stocked keyed alike suites, so that customers can order more without having to supply the key, or new padlocks can be made up to match an existing padlock and key. With the Kasp™ 125 series of Premium Brass Padlocks, our in-house locksmiths can make new padlocks to match an existing key so customers can add new locks to their existing security. We can even make new locks to fit some other manufacturers keys, so that the transition to Kasp™ is seamless and trouble free.


This means that if a customer who has previously been using an ABUS 65 series padlock, for example, wanted to extend their security with a keyed alike lock it can be done using the Kasp™ 125 series semi-assembled padlock (more on semi-assembled locks later).

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