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Using Padlocks

So now we know how padlocks got here, why should anyone use one?


Almost every person in the developed world owns several padlocks; from simple luggage locks through to sophisticated high security padlocks, we all have something valuable to protect.


With the vast rise in private property in the last 100 years more and more people have things of value they need to protect and for many the most appropriate way will be to lock it up with a padlock or lock it down with a padlock and chain. Padlocks offer protection against:


  • Theft

  • Vandalism

  • Sabotage

  • Espionage (such as securing files and information)


Additionally they are used to protect people from harm, for instance by controlling access to dangerous areas or locking off electrical power supplies during maintenance and repair. The Kasp™ range makes lock recommendations for 15 different security applications, from high school lockers to site gates and shipping containers. The list of items that we need to secure is truly endless.

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