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The Kasp Range

At the end of our look through the history, use, construction and terminology of padocks we come to the current Kasp™ padlock range.


The benefits and features of each range are outlined below with links through to the main Kasp™ website where full technical specifications and application suggestions can be found.

The Kasp™ 190 Series

The 190 series has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the stringent specifications of CEN Class 6, the highest grade within the internationally recognised Central European Norm standard. Featuring a pearl nickel plated, hardened steel lock body and 14mm boron alloy steel shackle, even in poor weather conditions, the 190 series offers maximum security.

The Kasp™ 180 Series

Tough and durable, the 180 series is manufactured from a solid block of hardened steel with a 12mm hardened steel shackle.


Designed for industrial purposes but equally suited for high security domestic requirements. With a chrome plated lock body and shackle, the corrosion resistant 180 series is ideal for outdoor use.

The Kasp™ 175 Series

With its ingenious design and reassuringly heavyweight construction, the 175 series offers a high level of resistance to virtually all common forms of attack.


With its protected hardened steel shackle, ball bearing locking mechanism, hardened steel armoured jacket, anti-pick mushroom pins, and drill resistant keyway, the 175 series is extremely tough under attack.

The Kasp™ 170 Series

Originally designed for securing commercial shutters and grilles, the 170 series is becoming increasing popular for a wider range of applications where a higher level of security is required.

The Kasp™ 160 Series

With a stainless steel body and exceptional design, the 160 series combines corrosion resistance and high security. In the locked position the distinctive shape offers protection to the shackle from most forms of attack.

The Kasp™ 150 Series

Manufactured with a stainless steel body and shackle combined with rust free internal components, the 150 series padlock is fully suited for even the most hostile environments.


The closed shackle offers additional protection from attack, with additional enhanced security coming from a double ball locking mechanism and a 5 pin anti-pick cylinder.

The Kasp™ 140 Series

A very highly featured padlock range that combines style and security. The 140 series is manufactured from a solid block of high grade Aluminium, anodised for corrosion protection.


Fully suited to indoor or outdoor applications, the 140 range features an anti-pick 6 pin cylinder with Anti- bump pins and a double ball locking mechanism, all combining to make this a class leading security product.

The Kasp™ 135 Series

Designed for use in extreme weather conditions, the 135 series features a tough laminated steel body and hardened steel shackle fully protected by a durable vinyl coating. A dust cap protects the 5 pin anti-pick cylinder from dirt and moisture.

The Kasp™ 130 Series

The robust design of this classic style of padlock ensures that it is still as popular as ever. The 130 series, with a hardened steel shackle, double bolted locking mechanism, paracentric keyway and anti-pick cylinder combines the latest lock technology with a traditional style.

The Kasp™ 125 Series

The versatile 125 series premium brass padlock range is available in a wide range of sizes and shackle options.


Top quality in design and manufacture with precision mechanisms featuring paracentric keyway and anti-pick cylinders.


As with many other series within the Kasp® range, the 125 series is available keyed alike, but conveniently additional 125 series padlocks can be specially assembled to match an existing key.

The Kasp™ 124 Series

Health and safety regulations regarding the isolation of industrial power supplies demand colour coded padlocks be used in conjunction with a lock off hasp.

Kasp™ padlocks, available in 6 colours, enable different departments or maintenance teams to operate autonomously, fulfilling health and safety obligations.

The Kasp™ 120 Series

The general purpose 120 series offers a range of affordable padlocks without compromising quality.


Available in a variety of sizes and shackle options, the 120 series offers a padlock to suit most domestic security needs.

The Kasp™ 119 Series

With its heavy weight hardened steel lock body, supertough molybdenum steel shackle and anti manipulation locking mechanism, Kasp 119 series padlocks are amongst the most secure combination padlocks available today. The hi-tech double bolted locking mechanism features a special anti manipulation system to protect the lock from being opened through intelligent manipulation techniques.


The weather resistant electro-plated lock body with rust free internal components and dual drainage system ensures that the Kasp 119 series is ideal for outdoor use. The Kasp 119 series are true high security combination padlocks, suitable for demanding industrial applications, whilst offering the convenience of a keyless locking mechanism.

The Kasp™ 117 Series

The general purpose 120 series offers a range of affordable padlocks without compromising quality.


Available in a variety of sizes and shackle options, the 120 series offers a padlock to suit most domestic security needs.

The Kasp™ 114 Series

The 114 series 

The Kasp™ 110 Series

Ideal for a wide range of applications, the solid brass bodied 110 series offers the convenience of a resettable combination mechanism, allowing it to be set to a memorable number of choice.

The Kasp™ 105 Series

Combination padlocks manufactured from anodised aluminium for corrosion protection.


Available in 6 different colours and two sizes (20 & 30mm) these padlocks are ideally suited to secure luggage, bags, cabinets and other low security applications.

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