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The Locking Mechanism

Combination Locks


Multiple Dial locks

The Kasp™ 110 series combination lock uses several rotating wheels with notches cut into them.

When its wheels are lined up to display the correct combination, the corresponding notches in the discs align with the teeth on the shackle, and the lock can be opened.


You can re-set the combination on the Kasp™ 110 series combination padlocks, in fact it is necessary to do so as they are supplied factory set at 0000.


The resetting procedure is:


  • Open the lock and lift the shackle

  • Rotate the shackle outwards through 180 degrees

  • Push the shackle down and reset the combination

  • Lift the shackle and rotate back to its locked position

  • Close and scramble the dials

There are some things to bear in mind with this type of combination padlock. The combination padlock can be opened by anyone with patience.

All that's needed is to sequentially change the numbers on the wheels. A three dial lock has 1000 potential combinations which would take a maximum of 17 minutes dialing in a number per second.

If you leave this type of combination padlock open, the combination has been revealed to anyone who cares to look!


It is all too easy to reset the combination accidentally, just imagine if one were opened and dropped in a pocket - the shackle could easily get in the reset position and the dials would probably move. It's now got a secret code, what's more, you won't know until you come to open it the next time!

We sometimes get combination padlocks returned as faulty, when in fact they have just been accidentally re-set.



Always avoid using obvious number sequences like 1234 or 4231 or 2222 - they are the first sequences a thief would try.

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