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The Locking Mechanism

Combination locks (continued) 

Single dial locks

This mechanism uses a single dial which interacts with several parallel discs. Each of the discs have a notch and when the correct combination is dialled in, the notches align. The latching mechanism then drops in to the notches and the shackle can be opened.












Unlike the Kasp™ 110 series, the combination for these locks is factory set and can not be changed.

To open the lock:

1. Spin the dial clockwise 3 complete turns, on the fourth turn, stop at the first number of the code.

2. Turn the dial to the anticlockwise 1 full turn passing the first code number, stop at the second code number.

3. Turn clockwise stopping immediately at the third code number. Pull the shackle to open. 


4. The combination automatically scrambles when the lock is closed. You can not discover the combination of this type of lock if it is left open.

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