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Spirit Levels.

Types of Spirit Levels

Now that we understand how spirit levels were invented and how they work it's time to look at the different varieties of level available today:


Carpenter's level

So called, since in the past they were mainly used by carpenters. They are now used in a huge range of construction activities and are usually referred to simply as spirit levels or builders' levels.

The body of this type of spirit level is made from box section Aluminium, this gives the right balance of light weight and strength.

Carpenters' level

Torpedo level (Pocket level)

These are short spirit levels that are tapered at both ends.


It is a shape traditionally used on shorter pocket sized levels – the tapered ends make it easier to slip into a pocket. Typically, torpedo levels are made from moulded plastic.

Torpedo level

Line levels

A line level hooks over a taught string – this ensures the line can be set horizontal, particularly important for work such as bricklaying.


The body of the level needs to be as light as possible so that it does not weigh down the string – plastic is the best material for the job.

Line level
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