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Spirit Levels.

C.K and Avit Levels

The following spirit levels are available from Carl Kammerling International:


C.K Builder's level

The C.K range of Builder's levels (see image above) features;

  • Aluminium box section body with powder coating for strength and durability

  • Shock proof unbreakable Plexiglass vials, guaranteed leak-proof for 30 years

  • Luminous horizontal vial for working in low light

  • Highly accurate to +/- 0.0285 degrees or 0.5mm per metre

  • Available in 6 lengths - 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200 and 1800mm

All sizes up to 1000mm have metric graduations that help with marking out and measuring.


Sizes 400 and 600mm have one vertical and one horizontal vial, whilst larger sizes have two vertical and one horizontal vial.

Builder's level

C.K Torpedo (Pocket) level

The C.K pocket level is a very versatile and handy spirit level, it has a number of features worth looking at:

Torpedo level

Magnetic base

The magnetic base allows the level to be attached to steel. This is very convenient when levelling lintels, steel beams and structures such as scaffolding.


The magnet is also V shaped so that it locates easily along bars, tube or edges

Mini level

In the body of the level, there is a detachable mini level.

This mini level also has a magnetic base which makes it ideal for levelling small items. It is great for putting inside electrical switch boxes since it fits and stays inside the box whilst fixing it.

The mini level can also be used as a line level. It has small hooks to attach it to the line and it is very light so it doesn’t weigh the line down at all.

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