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Spirit Levels.

C.K and Avit Levels

Avit Builder's level

The Avit Builder's level is 1 metre long, made from ribbed section Aluminium for strength and lightness, milled for accuracy and featuring three vials - vertical, horizontal and 45° angle. It's accurate to within 0.5mm per metre.

Avit builder's level
Avit torpedo level

Avit Torpedo level

The Avit Torpedo (Pocket) level features:


  • Vertical, horizontal and 45° angle vials

  • A magnetic base for use on metalwork.

Avit Angle Measure

The Avit Angle Measure is suitable for use with a straight edge or spirit level and features a dial mechanism which can be used to set or indentify angles up to 90°.

Angle Measure
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