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C.K and Avit Screwdrivers

C.K dextro

In the previous section on dextro VDE we talked about how electricians are more often than not working with parallell threaded machine screws.


Further research with other technician trades such as lift engineers, plant and equipment maintenance engineers , heating, ventilating and air conditioning engineers, boiler engineers and office equipment engineers, revealed that they too are, more often than not, working with machine screws.

Just the sort of application the dextro handle design is intended for, protection.

This is where the C.K dextro range comes into it own, offering the control and response required for the jobs they do.


The range features:


  • Flared and parallel slotted tips

  • PZD and Phillips type tips

  • Torx type tips

  • Handle colour coding for different tip types

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