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Care of Screwdrivers

Here are some handy tips for ensuring that the maximum performance is obtained from a screwdriver:


  • Always make sure that the screwdriver is the right tip type and that it fits snugly into the screw slot

  • A worn, chipped or undersized tip may slip and damage the screw or the work.

  • Avoid using a tip that is too wide, you could damage the work (especially if they are countersunk screws)

  • Never use a straight tip screwdriver in a cross head screw. the screwdriver and the screw could be damaged

A popular way to break screwdrivers

Like many other tools, screwdrivers get used for jobs they are not really designed for. In research, trades people have actually told us that they use their screwdrivers for:

It's abuse that many of us get up to, proving the versatility of a good quality screwdriver.


C.K screwdrivers are made from the finest quality German tested steel, heat treated to give the right balance of wear resistance and toughness.


But as with all things, it's a compromise - the harder we make the tip the longer it will resist wear but the more brittle it gets.

  • Prizing open paint cans

  • Chiseling brickwork

  • Hammering

  • Door wedges and lifters

  • Prying

  • Lifting boards

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