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Screw Head Types

Now that we have some background knowledge and terminology in hand we're going to look at the different types of screw head that screwdrivers are designed to fit:


  • Slotted head

  • Phillips head

  • PoziDriv® (SupaDriv®) head

  • Hex Socket head (Allen®)

  • Torx® head

  • Modulo head

Slotted head

Slotted head screws are the traditional and oldest screw drive system. Their drawback is that the screwdriver can slip sideways out of the slot and cause damage to the work.


Screwdrivers for these screws are produced to ISO 2380 and DIN 5264

Phillips head

Patented by Phillips in 1936, this is the original cross slot design. It centres the screwdriver in the slot and prevents the screwdriver slipping out sideways in use.


It was originally intended for automated assembly lines but found wide application across all sorts of trades since the risk of the driver coming out of the screw and causing damage is greatly reduced.

The slot was actually designed to cam out the screwdriver at the right torque level since at that time, automatic torque limiting drivers were not available.


Screwdrivers for these screws are produced to DIN/ISO 8764.

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