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C.K and Avit Screwdrivers

Built to perfom

C.K dextro VDE screwdrivers have been developed in collaboration with a panel of professional electricians, the result being our new C.K screwdriver range which has been fully optimised to meet their specific requirements.

Through careful research we understand the level of control electricians require and we also know that the majority of screws used in electrical equipment are parallel threaded machine screws, which require a high level of dexterity as opposed to a high level of constantly applied torque.

In response to this we have improved the neck, head and grip to give the control needed. The result is a massively improved product range that helps electricians do even the most intricate jobs more easily.

Lets have a look at the changes we've made to make it an even better performer.

Long fine neck

This is designed for the ultimate fingertip control that's needed when turning machine screws.

Ergonomically shaped head

The end of the handle has a smooth round shape so it pivots easily in the palm of the hand. The surface texture is specifically designed for minimal friction and therefore to prevent blisters.

Ridges along the head

These have been added to give a better grip for that last quarter turn of power when finally tightening the screw down.

Tip type marking

All our dextro VDE screwdrivers have the tip type marked on the end of the handle, this makes it very easy to identify the correct screwdriver, especially when they are in a pocket or pouch.

VDE marking

As we mentioned previously, the VDE marking is the electricians assurance of safety. It means that each and every screwdriver is 100% guranteed to have been tested to 10,000V to ensure completely safe working on live equipment up to 1000V.

Anything else?

Well, yes there is, the handle has been specially designed to be non roll - so it will stay where put, even on uneven or inclined surfaces.

All our product insights are the direct result of our long standing collaboration with professional electricians, allowing us to engineer tools which are perfectly optimised for the specific jobs electricians do.

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