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Screwdriver Bits


C.K Screwdriver bits are made from high quality Chrome Molybdenum steel, hardened and tempered. This gives them good wear resistance and a long life.


For an even longer life, coating standard bits with Titanium Nitride increases the surface hardness without affecting the core material. Bits treated in this way are commonly called TiN bits.

To help prevent this and therefore allow more torque to be applied to the screw, C.K Screwdriver bits now feature what is called 'Grip Tip™ technology. But what exactly is it?

The tips of slotted and cross head bits such as PZD and Phillips have been specially manufactured with ribs forged in to the blades, as can be seen in this picture.


These ribs positively engage with the material in the screw slot to reduce the risk of Cam-out and slipping. This makes them ideal for fast and effective screw driving.

TiN coated bits give the highest level of wear resistance.


In addition, TiN bits are treated in a special heat treatment hardening process. This makes the core of the bits much stronger and able to output over 30% more torque.


It's easy to spot TiN bits since they are matt gold coloured. Watch out for bogus TiN bits, they can be easily spotted as they will have a high gloss finish, which is actually only gold paint.

Grip tip technology

Earlier in this unit we talked about 'Cam Out' which is the tendancy for the screwdriver tip to be forced out of the screw slot when tightening or removing a screw.

Grip tip technology is not provided on all screwdriver bits for a couple of very good reasons:


  1. Screwdriver bits for Hex and Torx screws, by the very nature of their design, can not cam out anyway

  2. And the size of the smallest slotted blade is too small to forge ribs in effectively


To maintain maximum strength, Grip tip ribs are only forged into one side of the slotted bits. The use of slotted screws in modern construction has dramatically declined and so

the major advantage will be in PZD and phillips type screwdriving.

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