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All About Keys

The Hand of a Key

Keys can be either left or right handed. This is just a reference to a particular property of the key itself, not which hand you hold it in!


In the diagram below you can see there is a groove running down the length of the key from the tip of the blade to the bow. If you take a key and hold it with the bow towards you and the serrated bitting edge of the key on top (go on, have a go) you'll notice that on one side of the key that long groove we just mentioned is lower than on the other.


If the groove is lower on the left side it's a left handed key and if it's lower on the right it's a right handed key.










Within the Kasp™ range a variety of left and right handed keys are used, this is designed to keep a level of exclusivity for the key blank and ensure customers come back to us for replacements.

Knowing the hand of a key is only important if a manufacturer has both left and right handed keys for locks in the same size and range (it does happen) but happily Kasp padlocks have no such complications and key blanks can be ordered with confidence.



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