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Lockout Kits

Module four: Specialist Electrician's Tools


Lockout Kits

A lockout kit is strictly a safety tool Regulation 19(1) of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulation 1998 states that  "Every employer shall ensure that where appropriate work equipment is provided with suitable means to isolate it from all its sources of energy". This is where a lockout kit comes into play.

what is a lockout?

A lockout kit is a specific set of products which are used to stop someone interacting with a specific piece of equipment. It prevents injuries and accidents by presenting a physical barrier to stop a person or persons from activating or accessing a specific piece of equipment or a specific area.

Locking out refers to placing locks on a piece of equipment to render it inoperable, or to isolate it from other equipment.

“according to the bureau of labour statistics, 2019 had the most recorded fatal electrical injuries since 2011. There was a 3.75% increase in fatal injuries over 2018” ESFi workplace injusry and fatality statistics, - 2019.

Electrical injuries and death are a very real danger for an electrician, and so every possible precaution against being electrocuted needs to be taken.

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