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Lockout Kits

Module four: Specialist Electricians Tools


What is available?

There are a range of different Lockout kits for electrical use, below are some examples.

Lock off hasps

Lock off hasps allow up to 6 workers at a time to lock off an individual energy source.

The holes at the base line up which allows a worker to put a padlock in, if there are multiple workers on one circuit, they’ll need to each individually put on their own padlock so that no one can accidentally tun the power on whilst they’re working.


Nylon safety hasp

Suitable for electrical lock-off applications, it is constructed from a material which is non-conductive and non sparking, and can accommodate up to 6 safety padlocks. It operates just the same as alock off hasp where, each person working on a line will have their own padlock.


Nylon safety padlock

Nylon safety padlocks have clear danger indicators, which help any other people in the working area to know not to remove the padlock.

It’s suitable for lock-off applications, it’s also non-conductive, non-sparking, and supplied with 6 coloured “DANGER” stickers and white “Property of” stickers.


MCB Lockout Kits

An MCB lockout is an universal mini circuit breaker for single trip switches, they can be installed easily without any tools, they’re placed over the trip switch, tightened with a finger and thumb screw toggle, then finally lockout with a padlock.

This prevents anyone form accidentally flipping the trip switch on and powering the circuit, which makes sure that the person working on the circuit is always safe.


Essential lockout Kits

A lockout kit is an unique kit with all the essential components needed to lock off one mini circuit breaker. The kit includes

  • Easifit MCB lockout

  • Brass padlock 25 mm

  • Danger/Identity tag

  • Carabiner - to hold the kit together

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