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Power Tool Accessories: Jigsaw Blades 

Module four: Specialist Electrician's Tools


Jigsaw Blades

Jigsaw blades come in many different types, but this is the basic information needed to understand what they are and what they do.

Cut on the up and down stroke: Jigsaw blades which cut on the up and the down stroke are very quick, they’re ideal for straight cuts, and leave a good clean-cut finish.

Cut on the up stroke: do not require much force to hold down, but tend to more likely leave a less then perfect finish on the surface, these types of blades are most suitable for first fix works.

Cut on the down stroke: can effectively cut through materials which are much more likely to splinter, such as laminates, and because the cut is on the down stroke, the surface is much more likely to be left undamaged.

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