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Power Tool Accessories: Multitool Accessories

Module four: Specialist Electrician's Tools


Multitool accessories

Multitool bits come in a range of different shapes and sizes, all with their own specific purpose for achieving different tasks.

There are three types of accessories available in the C.K range which are made from either a High Carbon Steel (HCS) or a Bi-metal so they can be used for cutting thin steel, wood, wood with nails, plastics and non-ferrous metals. HCS is great for straight-forward cuts on softer materials whilst the stronger and tougher Bi-Metal blades are to be used on harder materials such as metals or when there is a possibility of coming across embedded nails in wood.

The straight, plunge cut accessories go directly into the surface and so are perfect for precise cutting and trimming such as cut-outs in drywall, working on floorboards or slicing materials to exact sizes. The Japanese blade works in the same way but features a tooth profile and width which offers increased cutting speeds.

Both types of accessories have a depth gauge etched on to the surface for added precision.

The segmented blade features a circular, half-moon shape for longer, linear cuts.

These blades make easy work of cutting door jams which would otherwise need to be done by hand, which is time consuming) or by using a circular saw, which is both dangerous and expensive.

There are three accessory sets available in the C.K range which can be used for cutting a range of materials including thin steel, wood, wood with nails, plastics and non ferrous metals.

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