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Spanners, Sockets and Wrenches.

C.K and Avit Ranges

OK, we have learnt about the history of spanners, about the differnt types of spanner and the terminology used. So now let’s take a look at the C.K and Avit spanners, sockets and wrenches range.

Combination spanner

Combination spanners

C.K combination spanners are drop forged from Chrome Vanadium steel and meet or exceed the dimensional and performance requirements of DIN 3113.

They are non slip satin chrome plated for maximum resistance to rust and peeling.

The range covers sizes from 6mm through to 32mm and features a 12 degree offset ring end – convenient for access.

Speed spanners

In a further development of spanners, C.K has a range of ‘speed spanners’ which are designed to help make the job of tightening nuts and bolts faster where space is tight.

These spanners feature an innovative jaw design which allows the spanners to be used with a ‘ratchet’ action.

The ratchet action doesn’t need excessive spanner movement, making them very convenient in tight spaces. To aid the quick selection of the right sized spanner, they are colour coded.

The set comes with a storage case that can be wall mounted and contains spanners in sizes 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 17mm.

Avit Combination Spanners

The Avit combination spanner set of 10 covers metric sizes from 6 to 16mm.

Manufactured from Chrome plated chrome vanadium steel, these spanners offer high value for money for the less frequent user.

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